for rooting.

when i think of pulling up weeds, i think of the melancholy that is a warm, sunny day of sifting through dirt and destroying a part of nature we deem as unnecessary and unfitting.

then i think about how scripture tells us there is a time for everything under the sun.

this means there is an opportune time for all things, even the sifting. even the pain and the ugly things that have taken root. even the sunshine. and perhaps especially the weariness.

it all has a place, and it’s all necessary.
so what does this have to do with rooting?

if you have a “green thumb” at all, you know how the process of pulling up weeds and dead things and rocks is what really gives the plant or flower you want to have life the opportunity to take deeper root into the soil. you’re eliminating all the crap that’s in the way, and providing room for sunlight and water to sink deep within that underground home and nurture this living thing that needs to move into its home, with plenty of space to spread out and actually…live.

well, the last time i checked, i have a pulse.
as a matter of fact, i just thanked Jesus that He decided to come and give me life, and i happened to do so while in the shower, because i thought about how the water was hot, and how i really like hot water, {and i’m convinced He, too, is a big fan of hot water, which He probably uses in the Heavenly shower or something}.

but back to being a living thing.

so here i am, alive and all, and He came to give me life to the full. rich, abundant, beautiful life.
He had the most humble beginning, and He grew up to tell us all about how we must be firmly rooted in Him. we must stay connected to the Vine {the root}, and grow deep into the rich soil that surrounds us, which is His Holy Spirit. and we should know that we know that we know that He loves us with a profound, crazy love. and because He loves us with a mad, furious love, He says He’s going to take away, maybe as much or more than He gives, and it’s going to be for our good. He says His Father will be the one do that handiwork as the “Vinedresser”, the one who prunes away and “weeds out” the ugliness in our lives, the things that are holding us back.

Picture 1

break it down, now: as i galavanted around the world this year, i experienced the immense pain of having things taken from me. things that caused deep wounds which caused immense pain which caused ridiculous bitterness.

but God was all like, “oh, hey…this will be good for you”…
and “just look at you grow, child!”…
and “dang, i need to pluck this one out all over again because you decided to walk back to it and wallow.”

blah! seriously.

i would’ve been damned to think such weeding was actually a beneficial thing for my spirit at the time, but shoot, Dad’s always right. you see, i’m just now beginning to see the effects of that pruning, and the profound truths that have taken root in my life. the truths i’m coming to believe about Him and about myself as a Daughter and a woman in the 21st century {different topic, different blog post, different day}.

oh my gosh, i’m finally beginning to understand!

someone wise or cool-sounding once said, “necessity is the mother of invention.”
well, when you think about it, that is essentially saying, “when you’re shit out of luck, be resourceful.”

indigenous people who endured more than i can even imagine probably looked at their {bad-attitude} crops, unwilling and unable to grow because of all the filth that surrounded them and thought, “hmm…if we pluck out all of this unnecessary stuff, maybe our crops will grow. maybe we’ll have a harvest. maybe we can finally eat!”

they were the beginners, and they learned early on about what’s unfitting.
so shouldn’t we learn from them? {i didn’t want to. i was also so unwilling for so long. and this was disabling me.}

and yet God wants to nourish us. He wants us to harvest the good stuff and reap the benefits and He wants us to eat! {i’m talking banquet-table, feast type-of-eating.} there’s so much more i’ll be sharing here about this season of my life where i see myself finally making roots of my own.
but i’ll get to that.

for now, though, believe me when i say the best place we can be rooted and find our source of nourishment is in Him and in His Word.

as i do some of my own sifting, this time through old memories and boxes and photographs, i realize that all of the ugly stuff had to surface, and be tossed out so i could really move in and do life. it didn’t fit my life any more, and perhaps was never meant to. it’s true i’ve grown weary, and at times become crippled by fear, as i’m realizing it’s really hard to find a place to fit in. but i know those struggles will dissipate and matter less and less as i connect more deeply to the Vine, the source of everything i need to flourish.

i just wish someone would’ve broken all of this down for me sooner.


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