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Start with the grand idea of a legit mid-country road-trip with the ease of cruise-control and great music and yummy snacks and story telling and fun pit-stops in cool cities like Nashville.

ImageNow properly reduce that to traveling from freezing temperatures to 80 degree humidity, a broken engine belt and AAA tow {thanks for saving my life every time!}, dodging severe weather and tornados, 7 hours of torrential downpour, hitting the breaks, peering through the windshield into the pitch black night, praying fervently OUT LOUD and declaring your vehicle will be victorious, miscalculations {supposed to only take 4.5 hours} and wrong directions {following a complete stranger for miles because he drives the same car as the friend you were supposed to be following}, and mastering how to stomach your lunch on the winding, mountainous roads of Tennessee & Georgia whilst not hitting any trees or opossum or hillbillies, and you have yourself the true story of what this past Wednesday & Thursday looked like for me.


If it weren’t for my faithful co-pilot, Rachel, & homemade trail-mix…
…I’m quite sure I would’ve gone certifiably insane.

Picture 6

But the good news is I’ve made it to my new home in Georgia, and I couldn’t love it more. It’s only my second full day here, and I’ve already explored, visited World Race friends, conquered the kinda creepy Wal Mart at midnight, taken pictures of the lake, indulged in some local grub, and settled into my new bedroom in the backwoods with Winslow the dog and Stella the cat and the sweet family I’m living with for a while. {By the way, if you still don’t know why I’m here, check out the “Donate” tab to learn more about my new job with Adventures in Missions.}


I’m so blessed, and really excited to start work on Monday, as I fully enter into this new season of life. Something tells me it’s going to be unrefined and messy, yet beautiful and fulfilling, much like my World Race was, yet unique to a new era. {“same same, but different”, as we Thailand travelers like to call it.}

I’m learning to love the scenic route {not just because one is forced to take it EVERYWHERE here} but because it seems that the road less traveled is the one that will change us for the better.

& so I’ll leave you with this:

“I went back into the rain, a new man with a new desire and renewed strength. As I write this my race isn’t over. I don’t know how long it will last. God alone knows. But this much I do know: if you’re reading this your race isn’t over either. God will restore us and refresh us along the way. He will provide moments of nourishment and rest, but he wants me and he wants you, to be able to continue to run. To be able to do any good work. We need to continue…to keep going –
even in the rain, no matter how dark it gets, and finish this race. Christian, keep running.


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