for twenty sevens.

it’s simple, really.

i’ve had a desire to set goals and actually keep them.
to make hard changes and feel & see the results of them.
and by being held accountable to the stretch & strenuous nature that are inevitable in the process, i still know i will succeed. after all, God says to “be still & know.”


here’s what’s happening:

1. by my 27th birthday, which also happens to be my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY on December 27th, i want to have lost 27 pounds. traveling the nations and coming back to the states and moving to a new state and a total lack of consistency in routine and food has resulted in additional weight i didn’t ever see coming {until i tried to put on my favorite pants, and they ripped, & i boohooed for about an hour. no joke.}

i plan to do this by cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar {except for one treat per week}, exercising daily either at the gym, by doing Insanity workout videos, going on runs/walks, or by my own Pinterest moderations, and drinking tons of water + getting 8 hours of sleep per night. with my busy travel schedule for work, this seems impossible, but we all know that’s a lie, amiright? satan get behind me, {& feel free to watch as i slim down, casting out your lies one at a time}!

2. by my 27th birthday, i want to have paid off 27% of my debt, which is $690.

i plan to do this by getting a second, part-time job, and using that income solely to pay down my debt. i believe this is a biblical principle, and it’s one that i’ve needed to be more intentional about incorporating for a while now. i don’t believe in asking for my supporters to pay off my debt, but instead believe it’s solely my responsibility to rid of. yet again, with my busy travel schedule for work, i’m not even sure i can maintain a part-time job; heck! who would hire me? i ask that you join me in prayer for finding the best, most understanding employer possible for this a-typical situation, one that will work with me and be flexible.

3. by my 27th birthday, i need to have 27 people who have pledged to support me with $27 per month for the next year.

this one is interesting, because i haven’t wanted to fundraise since i came to work in Georgia as a “non-tradish” missionary. i’ve dreaded it, to be completely honest. some of you still have questions. some of you couldn’t care any less. but i’d love to take the time to explain more about why i’m here, why i feel that it’s where God’s called me, and how, in many ways, i actually believe it’s part of my “promised land”. in order to do what i do, i have to support-raise part of my salary. that’s just the realistic truth. i’ve tried to live off of my monthly stipend, and while it’s possible, it’s not logical. 27 people joining my support team with a reasonable donation of only $27 per month would mean my income would increase by about $730 per month, which is $8,748 for the year. This would put me in the bracket of what a college graduate should actually be making. There are so many other things i hope to be doing with my life & time, including supporting other missionaries with my finances & going back to a few of the countries i ministered in last year, to continue the work i started there.  Simply put, I need your help to do these things.


i’m boldly asking for you to pray about this partnership, and what it could really mean for the nations, as well as how it could really help a sista out. amen?

thank you for taking the time to read over these 3 huge goals of mine.
like i said, i can’t think this stuff up on my own; they really did come straight from God Himself.
and because He has such great ideas, He told me to document the journey, being candid about triumphs and stumbling blocks, hash-tagging my life away with #27by27 ! {keep an eye out for that on facebook, & instagram: @suzyhachey.}

if you think we don’t serve a relevant, hipster King, i beg to differ.

i’ve literally never made a big fuss over any of my birthdays, but He seemed to think I needed to do otherwise this year, really celebrating the life He’s given, the gifts He’s given, and the ways He’s already provided.

cheers to that.

{message me privately for to schedule a time to find out more information at }


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