for clarifying {+ an update on support-raising for my spine treatment}

Maybe I didn’t do an adequate job of giving some of you the information and peace of mind you needed.

Sure, it’s a long road ahead for my treatment, and there’s no doubt about that.
But what I also don’t want you to doubt is the information I’ve given you, or the doctors I’ve chosen to use for my treatment.

If there is anyone skeptical in this situation, I promise you, it’s me. 

I’ve grown up having to having test-upon-test taken, needles put everywhere, visiting doctors, chiropractors, neurologists, endocrinologists, and more. Some of them helped me {albeit temporarily}, and some of them did not.

In all honesty, some of them have even made things worse by either not treating a problem, not anticipating future problems, and sometimes treating me through wrong practices which made matters worse.

Nonetheless, I’ve received multiple opinions from multiple sources about my spine’s current condition. This isn’t my first rodeo.

I don’t say that to sound arrogant, but instead to let you know that my spirit is contrite and broken.

I’m exhausted.
I’m tired of poor sleep, poor digestion, migraines, dizziness, fatigue, hormonal issues, and the downright death that has been spoken over me by people who  a.) have maybe never been as sick or in so much chronic pain and therefore understandably can’t relate or b.) doctors who have simply stated “you will never not suffer with this. just accept it as a part of your life.”

Excuse me for a moment, but NO.
Hell no.

Words are either life or death. Period. So I’m literally saying “no” to death {hell}, which so easily entangles because we have an enemy prowling around us, waiting to steal, kill, and destroy.

Friends, in any area of life, if you’re not speaking life, you are more illegitimately and more unencumbered than you realize, speaking death.

My basis for sharing this journey with the general public came from one source: God.
He told me to be open and honest about my needs, my condition, and my hope for healing that can only come from Him alone.

That said, the doctors I’ve chosen to consult are fellow brothers in Christ who fully believe God is only using them as an instrument to bring healing to His people. When you walk into their office waiting-room, it’s not uncommon to see people praying together and sharing the latest miracle of the week.

It sounds cheesy and cliché. It’s exactly why I was skeptical myself, because nothing has seemed to work for me yet, and I see miracles happen every day around me, but it’s harder to take note of those in my own life. Yet despite my broken and cynical heart, I’ve been met with such grace and reassurance from these doctors who know my journey ahead is long, and still desire to help.

So for that reason, I choose them.
It’s your prerogative to disagree. That doesn’t offend me.
Because I’m not placing my hope in them, but I’m placing my hope in Christ, the ultimate healer and redeemer.

He came that we may have life, and have it to the full.So I’m banking on that. 


A Financial Update: 

As you can see, it is Friday, five days past the deadline for raising this support.

So that’s really what I hope to clarify here: I was the one who created the deadline of February 3rd, not the doctors. 

The only reason there is an incentive to pay up-front is not only to offer people a discount, but to also ensure that they keep coming back, even if they don’t see immediate results. Chiropractic care takes time; it’s not an over-night victory, but a victory that is obtained through small, incremental adjustments. My doctors have given me a “Grace Period” of 90 days to pay my bill “up-front”, so the pressure to pay does not stem from them.

It stems from me.

Many of you know I’ve been given a car to borrow for 3 months. After that, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to make the 45 minute commute 2-3 times per week, so I’ll either have to find rides, or shell-out the $1,600 I’m currently saving-up for a new transmission on my vehicle. Therefore, the sooner I can get this treatment started, the better. Additionally, I do not want to take out another credit card when I already have personal debt I am working to pay-off {praise the Lamb, I think I have a part-time nannying gig that starts up soon to help toward this goal!} Lastly, I am in a lot of pain. I go to bed with migraines, I wake up with migraines, I have a hard time focusing on tasks at hand, or even enjoying life…and I’m ready for a change. These are the only reasons I create deadlines for support raising, and I hope you can see their legitimacy.

Please know above all else, I need your prayers, because I’m learning to believe His miracles are for me, too. And I am grateful for anything you can give, whenever you feel led to give it. If you know you cannot give this month, but may  be able to give down-the-road, please let me know. It will only help to ease the burden, and it’s reassuring me yet again that God is faithful and holds fast to His promises to us.

I’m so grateful for each of you, and welcome any prayers or comments directly to my email: 

For The Record:
Of the $3,268 I have to raise, $233 has been given and/or pledged.
Thank you all so much!! It’s an amazing start!


for driving convertibles.

I’ve always been a four-wheel-drive, mountain-loving-kind-of-girl who lives out of her vehicle and hauls people and furniture around like it’s my job.

So, when my Jeep of 12 years finally bit the dust, the one of road-trips and first-kisses and driving away from the town and house that helped build me with tears in my eyes as I made the trek to Georgia, to say I was heart-broken is an extreme understatement.

I cried and stomped around like a small child, offering to pay all of my Brothers in beer and pizza if they could just put it all back together just this once I PROMISE!

But I had known the time was drawing near. I mean, the friendly people at AAA knew me by name, which is equal parts embarrassing and impressive.

And perhaps it was really my fault for not having it inspected as soon as it started to shake and make weird noises. That is, after all, poor vehicle owner stewardship. Essentially, the transmission fluid had all drained out, and getting more fluid could’ve helped to alleviate the problem. But let’s be real…if it wasn’t this, it would’ve been something else soon. 

So I did what all good Jeep parents do:

I had it towed to the nearest shop and generously taped a sign in the windshield that read, “Only serious Jeep lovers need inquire. Honest, hard-working, cleanly individuals who will wash me at least once a month and check my tire pressure on the weekly and utilize my sunroof to look at the awesome sky as much as possible.”

I’m kidding.
But that’s what I really wanted to say.

Instead, I made a sign that reduced its priceless value to as low as possible, and added a note to ensure people knew its fair condition and need for a new, costly transmission that they’d have to sell a kidney to afford.

Hardly anyone called, and those that did were not all that serious. They’d change their mind in the middle of our conversation and hang-up. “Oh, the travesty!” I thought.

Meanwhile, God humbled me. He told me this was another small step in learning to depend on others. So I swallowed my pride and asked for ride upon ride from people in my community–to work, the grocery store, the post-office–mostly to all of the necessary places.

And I did so for over three months. At first, I’d grit my teeth, but eventually, I learned to receive and simply be grateful. Sometimes people would even offer without me asking, and I began to know that I knew that I was provided for.

It struck me how I’d taken a vehicle for granted all of these years, always having a way to get from point A to point B without batting an eye-lash, and never offering any hitch-hiker a ride, because that’s far too dangerous and I’ll die, I said.

I realized I’d always been so focused on my own needs, and rarely even offered to go pick people up at the airport which is over an hour away. {We’re a bunch of missionaries who are always flying in and out and around the world, so the need is great.} If I’m honest, I think my fear was people not paying me back in gas money or even saying thank you. Besides, it was so much time out of my day.

Then, enter a gift from my Father, who gives the greatest gifts to His children.


A brother in my community was headed down to Guatemala on a mission for three months, and he prayed long and hard about who to give his vehicle to for use while he was away.

Through the confirmation of others, God told him to give it to me.
I didn’t even know he knew I was car-less.
But in hearing God loud and clear, He obediently handed me the keys.

Yeah, that’s how I felt.
Maybe especially because I was learning how to depend on and accept gifts from men, which has always been difficult for me.

Now, this car wasn’t just any car.

It wasn’t an old clunker that he was happy to get rid of. No, it was a beautiful, deep blue convertible, for crying out loud, with tan, leather seats and a stereo system. It was special to him, a gift from his grandmother. And I was absolutely dumbfounded and blown away.

God likes to pull-out-all-the-stops, if you ask me.
He is so patient with our lackluster, mild-at-best affections.


He says He’s good to those who wait.

He likes to surprise us and woo us and give us reason after reason and reminder after reminder that He is good.

Before handing over the keys, my friend Ryan prayed over both me and the car.

In his prayer, he addressed e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g  I’d cried-out to God about. EVERYTHING. He told me God sees me and knows me, never as second best, never choosing me by default, but as His first choice every time. And He never overlooks my requests, no matter how big or small, but instead addresses my needs as they arise.

It must seem silly and maybe even a bit pretentious to think God could prove Himself through material things, things like a convertible.

But I want you to know that is the very God I serve.
He is good regardless of the things He gives and regardless of our aches and pains.
He’s just GOOD.

And He alone is why I’m still banking on a beautiful, warm day where I can ride with the top down and wave to everyone I pass with pure joy, offering rides and knowing that I am a child of the Most High.

If you’d like to learn more about and support my friend Ryan in his mission in Guatemala, a country and people near and dear to my heart as well, you can do so here

If you’d like to learn more about my Jeep that is still for sale, email me directly at:

for new spines.

no one ever tells you how important your spine is.

actually, they do.
i think i learned about it in high school anatomy class, but i never really took it seriously, and often got glares from my teacher as I drew stick figures in my note-book.

some of you know i’ve lived most of my life in chronic pain, suffering from aches and terrible sensations throughout my body that were unexplainable. i’ve seen doctor upon doctor for migraines, back pain, herniated disks, fibromyalgia, hormone problems, and more.

& i’m young. 
i’m only 27, and many of the professionals i’ve seen have told me i have the body of someone much, much older.

just this past week, i began going to a Chiropractor a good friend of mine has been seeing, and as a new patient, i received all x-rays and scans for free.

but that perk of free didn’t really matter much when i received my results.
what they told me about my spine, specifically in my neck and lower back, nearly left me paralyzed, so to speak.

below is a picture of my neck currently.


simply put, my spine is supposed to be where the blue line is, curving backward to support my head.
instead, it curves the complete opposite direction, creating no where for my Atlas {Axis} to rest.

because of this, my brain stem is angry and can not do it’s proper job, and that is why so many other parts of my body are suffering. it’s also why if i leave my spine in this condition, to inevitably get worse over time, it will decrease my life-span by 25%.

additionally, the mild scoliosis in my lower back has progressed to severe. i will be adding my x-rays to show you what my lower back currently looks like, and i will compare it to a healthy spine that is located at the correct angle so you can see the difference. it’s astonishing, and not in a good way.  my bones are beginning to atrophy {die}, and arthritis is already very prominent.

to me, that’s unacceptable and scary. again, i’m 27, not 67, so these things should not be occurring in my body.

so what are the doctors proposing?

they have recommended 6-9 months of treatment to avoid later problems and potential surgery.

this will require me going to their offices for:
3x a week for the first 4 weeks.
2x a week for the next 12 weeks.
1x a week for the following 12 weeks.

it will also include a few other x-rays over the course of my treatment, so we can view the hopeful progress my spine will be making, and multiple consultations with my doctor about where he sees my body advancing.

it does not include hyper-extending my neck or crazy, loud, painful adjustments, but rather slow, mild adjustments over a long period of time, which is the proper way to care for a spine.

i will be keeping those of you who wish to learn more about my progress updated periodically, but not because i want to. and just so you know, I’ve received second and third opinions about this care, and all doctors agree that the proposed forward motion is imperative.

so where does that leave us?
well, God is telling me to invite people into this journey.
i couldn’t tell you why, but more often than not, He challenges us to step out of our comfort zones and into the Body of Christ for help.

& it makes me queazy, anxious, and a bit angry.
i don’t like to depend on others. at all.

but He’s pulling me out of my stubbornness and into a season of learning that i can’t do life alone.
He’s teaching me that people actually want to help, and it blesses them when i let them.
He’s teaching me to ask hard questions, and hope for big things, because He is the ultimate provider and healer.

so because i’m a support-raised missionary, and because i know it’s good to have insurance for emergencies, i opted to buy high deductible, lower monthly payment health insurance for general doctor/dentist visits. even still, i never anticipated such an urgent need to arise so soon.

but God has blessed me with a vehicle to actually get to these appointments.
He’s reminding me that He has prepared me for such a time as this, equipped me and provided for me.

so what am i asking you to pray about?

pray about whether He’s asking you to support me in this way.
pray for healing over my body.
pray for the doctors who will be working on me, for knowledge to overflow, and for them to know the correct pressure to place on the correct points of my spine.

the good news: 
because i’m young, a lot of these issues are reversible.

ALSO {& this is a big also…}:
if i pay for everything up front, it’s 20% less, which means i’ll owe $3,268 instead of $4,068.
and i need this money by Monday {or A.S.A.P…there is a slight grace period}

how can you give?

1. first of all, THANK YOU for desiring to bless me in this way.

2. second, you can make all checks out to Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia
+ write “Suzy Hachey” in the memo-line {this is super important}

you can mail all checks to: 
6000 Wellspring Trail
attn: Suzy Hachey
Gainesville, GA 30506

3. third, reply below or email me at to let me know what amount you pledge to give and when. this will help me compile information and know how much i’ve yet to raise.

4. if you want to receive my newsletters, reply below or email me as well, and i’ll add you to the list. i promise to only send out one update per month.

from the bottom, middle, and top parts of my heart and soul, I thank you.
I know I tend to ask for crazy things sometimes, at least in terms of what our world defines as “crazy” vs. “normal”.

But I serve a crazy God. 
& He desires for me to have life to the full, not one spent in pain. 
I’m learning to believe in that promise, and invite you to join me on the journey.