for clarifying {+ an update on support-raising for my spine treatment}

Maybe I didn’t do an adequate job of giving some of you the information and peace of mind you needed.

Sure, it’s a long road ahead for my treatment, and there’s no doubt about that.
But what I also don’t want you to doubt is the information I’ve given you, or the doctors I’ve chosen to use for my treatment.

If there is anyone skeptical in this situation, I promise you, it’s me. 

I’ve grown up having to having test-upon-test taken, needles put everywhere, visiting doctors, chiropractors, neurologists, endocrinologists, and more. Some of them helped me {albeit temporarily}, and some of them did not.

In all honesty, some of them have even made things worse by either not treating a problem, not anticipating future problems, and sometimes treating me through wrong practices which made matters worse.

Nonetheless, I’ve received multiple opinions from multiple sources about my spine’s current condition. This isn’t my first rodeo.

I don’t say that to sound arrogant, but instead to let you know that my spirit is contrite and broken.

I’m exhausted.
I’m tired of poor sleep, poor digestion, migraines, dizziness, fatigue, hormonal issues, and the downright death that has been spoken over me by people who  a.) have maybe never been as sick or in so much chronic pain and therefore understandably can’t relate or b.) doctors who have simply stated “you will never not suffer with this. just accept it as a part of your life.”

Excuse me for a moment, but NO.
Hell no.

Words are either life or death. Period. So I’m literally saying “no” to death {hell}, which so easily entangles because we have an enemy prowling around us, waiting to steal, kill, and destroy.

Friends, in any area of life, if you’re not speaking life, you are more illegitimately and more unencumbered than you realize, speaking death.

My basis for sharing this journey with the general public came from one source: God.
He told me to be open and honest about my needs, my condition, and my hope for healing that can only come from Him alone.

That said, the doctors I’ve chosen to consult are fellow brothers in Christ who fully believe God is only using them as an instrument to bring healing to His people. When you walk into their office waiting-room, it’s not uncommon to see people praying together and sharing the latest miracle of the week.

It sounds cheesy and cliché. It’s exactly why I was skeptical myself, because nothing has seemed to work for me yet, and I see miracles happen every day around me, but it’s harder to take note of those in my own life. Yet despite my broken and cynical heart, I’ve been met with such grace and reassurance from these doctors who know my journey ahead is long, and still desire to help.

So for that reason, I choose them.
It’s your prerogative to disagree. That doesn’t offend me.
Because I’m not placing my hope in them, but I’m placing my hope in Christ, the ultimate healer and redeemer.

He came that we may have life, and have it to the full.So I’m banking on that. 


A Financial Update: 

As you can see, it is Friday, five days past the deadline for raising this support.

So that’s really what I hope to clarify here: I was the one who created the deadline of February 3rd, not the doctors. 

The only reason there is an incentive to pay up-front is not only to offer people a discount, but to also ensure that they keep coming back, even if they don’t see immediate results. Chiropractic care takes time; it’s not an over-night victory, but a victory that is obtained through small, incremental adjustments. My doctors have given me a “Grace Period” of 90 days to pay my bill “up-front”, so the pressure to pay does not stem from them.

It stems from me.

Many of you know I’ve been given a car to borrow for 3 months. After that, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to make the 45 minute commute 2-3 times per week, so I’ll either have to find rides, or shell-out the $1,600 I’m currently saving-up for a new transmission on my vehicle. Therefore, the sooner I can get this treatment started, the better. Additionally, I do not want to take out another credit card when I already have personal debt I am working to pay-off {praise the Lamb, I think I have a part-time nannying gig that starts up soon to help toward this goal!} Lastly, I am in a lot of pain. I go to bed with migraines, I wake up with migraines, I have a hard time focusing on tasks at hand, or even enjoying life…and I’m ready for a change. These are the only reasons I create deadlines for support raising, and I hope you can see their legitimacy.

Please know above all else, I need your prayers, because I’m learning to believe His miracles are for me, too. And I am grateful for anything you can give, whenever you feel led to give it. If you know you cannot give this month, but may  be able to give down-the-road, please let me know. It will only help to ease the burden, and it’s reassuring me yet again that God is faithful and holds fast to His promises to us.

I’m so grateful for each of you, and welcome any prayers or comments directly to my email: 

For The Record:
Of the $3,268 I have to raise, $233 has been given and/or pledged.
Thank you all so much!! It’s an amazing start!


One thought on “for clarifying {+ an update on support-raising for my spine treatment}

  1. Suzy,
    I am so discouraged that people’s response to your diagnosis and treatment plan seems to have been somewhat negative! I know I haven’t been in touch like I’d like lately, but please know that Tim and I think of you SO often and continue to pray for all aspects of your life! I’m seriously praying for Jesus to touch your body and bring you rest, comfort, and healing. I know there’s a peace that only comes from The Lord and I am praying so hard that you will feel that peace and calm straight from him. Just last night, I came across Isaiah 59:1. So brief and simple, but I BELIEVE he can deliver you. No doubt. We’ve seen stranger things happen, am I right?! 🙂 Sending you so much love!!!! Xoxo

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