+ Pray for my Dad who is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis–for healing, strength through the long, cold winter months, and for a deeper understanding of God’s love for him through the pain.

+ Pray for my Mom, sister Jessica, and niece, Makayla–God knows their needs.

+ Pray for a guy named Josh–that the Holy Spirit would convict his heart to do the right thing.

+Pray for one of my spiritual fathers, Pastor Peter and his ministry in Africa, the needs of the orphans and children he cares for, the school he started to prosper and gain government funding, and the support from others to continue what God has put on his heart. Also pray that I will have an opportunity to go back to Kenya to share his story and lend a hand.

+Pray for my friends and family in Ukraine.

+Pray for my spine, specifically my neck and my lower back–that scoliosis would flee, and my neck would be properly aligned to support my head. Pray for ultimate healing from pain, weakness, fatigue, arthritis, & fibromyalgia.

+Pray for my friends and their healing, ministry endeavors, and peace:
Thomas & John Howard
Jean Heath
Cathi Riley
Jen Langes
Hugh Roberts
Tracy Leigh Huffman
Emily Homan
Matthew Love
Becky Miles
Matt Patch
Amy Duncan
Amy D’Hondt
Alys Seay
Andrew Ingrassia
Caitlin Clausing
Harris Richie
Jacquelyn Hannah
Jennifer Gonzalez
Kathy Lucas
Sue Rogers
Trevor Adwell

{please let me know if you or anyone you know would like to be added to this prayer list.}


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